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    Now i dont want to insult anyone on here(We are all Land Rover lovers), but after months of searching, i finally bought my dream vehicle, a '98 Range Rover. Its a beautiful grey 4.6 HSE and im aware that a 4.6 is a larger & stronger engine than the 4.0. My question is whats the difference between the S, SE, and HSE models? I got a HSE because it says they were the top-line models, but ALL the vehicles that i viewed online looked the same.

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    Greetings! Welcome to the RN Forums.

    I've got an answer for you all listed below. We have a copy of the factory 1997-1998 Land Rover Journal that has all the specifications for the vehicle year line-up. I scanned the specs page - enjoy reading!

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    That spec page was very helpful in understanding the difference between the two "SE and HSE" models. Its the engine size that made the model an SE or HSE. Now i know the S model was not an option, altho i see them for sale online. Thanks again for the helpful info.

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