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Thread: shop manual

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    Default shop manual

    Hello Everyone - I have just acquired a 101. Is there such a thing as shop manual for this beast ?

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    Default 101 manuals

    User manual part # 608239... Jan 1975
    Parts catalogue #608294B ...Nov.1976
    Repair manual RTC9120 Jan 77
    I have them all my parts is a copy I looking for an org.
    Very helpful on the GS
    Always good to see another 101 nut.
    Check with Les @ Rovers north
    I have seen a few on ebay as well
    I love to see a pic
    David Wilkins
    69 Lightweight
    With Rover V8
    Does a body good

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    Thank you for the information. Appreciate the reply. If you have no objection, I will send the pic to your posted email address. Thx

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