Greetings from the far north - an excellent suggestion to use a 24 ->12 conversion, this way I could keep the 24V setup and as the various electrical devices go up in smoke - replace with 12V where feasible. Except, I cannot seem to find such a device. If a circuit diagram were available, one could be constructed as a solid state unit. Meanwhile, can you give me the torque figure for the diff pinion nut? The u-jt on the rear prop is done for; it would appear no grease has been injected for 100 years, the vibe has loosened the diff yoke!

The figure for the older diff is 85. In my obsolete parts book, the exploded view of the Salisbury axle shows what looks as if it could be a collapsable spacer, but it is only identified in the tabulation as a spacer. Since there are shims present, it may be a non-collapsable. Can you clarify? (# 607197 )

Thanks, David