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Thread: Cold Air Intake for 2000 HSE

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    Default Cold Air Intake for 2000 HSE

    I've been looking around for a Cold Air Intake system for my 2000 range rover 4.6 but have come up with just the basic K&N replacment filter. Can anyone help me with a good place that will have what i'm looking for? Thanks

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    no ideas huh?

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    Most likely you are going to have to modify or make your own intake. I'm not sure of the clearance for a 2000, but I used to have a 95 and I used a K&N designed for a F-250 and it worked with little mods. The folks that range rovers are originally designed for are not in the market for intake systems, therefore companies don't put the R&D into making them. I'm sure with some thought you could come up with something nice, just make sure it flows better than stock or all your work will be for nothing

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    There are some articles about this over on

    Cheers! John

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