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Thread: vibration at 60mph on my '99 rover

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    Default vibration at 60mph on my '99 rover

    Hello everyone. I own a 1999 range rover 4.6hse. It now has 92,000 miles and it's still a pleasure to drive. I need some help diagnosing a problem that no one has been able to fix. Not even the dealer's mechanics. Anyway, I need to find out why at highway speeds of 60mph-75mph, does my car vibrate at the front end. I have changed my tires, speed balanced them, and i have recently rotated them. What else should I check or change? I appreciate anyone's advice. Thank you

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    Maybe take a look at the U-Joints in the front drive shaft? They might be worn out.

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    Post ujoints

    Thanks for the suggestion, but the dealer already changed it for me. However, around that time is when i noticed it more. They've rechecked it out for me and still can't find the problem. The problem with the dealer is that they charge $100 everytime they test drive it. So far i lost $300 just having it test driven. Is there a bearing that might be bad?

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    pan hard bushes or the top pin on the swivel pin is probably worn along with the bush causing the wobble..

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