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    I have not seen this question asked.

    How complete of a vehicle can be imported without upsetting the feds?

    Rolling, complete minus motor, tranny and transfer case?

    Complete body on frame, no running gear?

    Complete body, no frame?

    I'm interested in importing a full body to build a 110 crew cab. Cummins 4bt, NV4500, Atlas II, Dana 60's etc. I know where I can get a 110 rolling chassis, but piecing the bits together would be a pain. Hence import a complete body.

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    You should be able to bring in a body, especially if its not mounted to a frame, and even more so if you leave off the fenders and bulkhead. That wont be a problem at all.

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    Rolling, complete minus motor, tranny and transfer case.

    At least that is how a friend of mine brought in his D-90 last year- as parts. He then parted it out- did not put an engine back in and register it.
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