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Thread: 109 NADA Registry

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    I have a thread going on guns and rovers about this but figured maybe there would be some input here. I want to replace the exhaust in my nada and started to do some research about the pipes. What I noticed was the part numbers for the pipes for the Nada do not come up anywhere. Even the pipes RN sells are for the euro trucks. I don't see much of a difference but I did notice the NADA front pipe is shorter than the Euro one. The bends are in the same place but the joint for the euro one is actually right under the hanger for the NADA trucks. Has anyone installed a euro exhaust on a nada using the stock hangers?

    Just curious to feedback on fit.


    I've attached a few pics showing a euro exhaust and a nada one.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    #272 that used to be owned by Jim Thompson is now mine. It was stored for 30 years at some point and then driven very little in Jimís time with the vehicle. I have it running now but it is blowing a bunch of oil out the tailpipe after warming up slightly. Did a cold engine compression test and came up with 159,150,135,140,135,150

    Next is to do a cold test, warm test and then with oil in the spark plug hole.

    This truck is a 5 door station wagon and very original. Hoping to get it running and drive it the way it is for now. Love the info here.


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    We sold a complete set of the "euro" pipes to an owner in CT. and he reported no issues with the fit.

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    Updated the registry listing on page one. Sorry for the delay, busy with all things Rovers North and Magazine design. Please review to see if I missed anything, thank you.
    Cheers, Thompson
    Cheers, Thompson
    Creative Director / Art Director
    Rovers Magazine
    Rovers North, Inc.

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    Hi all,
    Does anyone have a spare NADA clutch slave cylinder bracket? We have a truck that was Iím processing of an engine conversion and they modified the original. It could perhaps be repaired but I hope someone here might have one. Thanks
    Linus (previous owner of #601)

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