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Thread: 109 NADA Registry

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    Hey NADA owners! Since I have sold my NADA, I thought I would sell my good condition copy of the February 1967 issue Four Wheeler Magazine that contains an entire article on the 1967 Land Rover IIA 109 NADA, plus the back cover has an advertisement for the NADA truck. Let me know if you are interested. SOLD.

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    PM sent!

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    #140 is with WCB and for sale as an unrestored barn find. It looks to be pretty rust free too.

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    #140 is for sale at WCB. He wants 9000 for it though.

    There is one near my house that is on ebay right now for 5k running, a much better deal, though the door frames are rusted out.
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    I have # 655. It is a low mileage and totally original western vehicle with absolutely no rust anywhere. I believe it came from Arizona. It was originally red but someone has stripped the paint off and polished the body (yuk). It came expedition equipped with bumper mounted jerry cans with the fender mounted running lights and turn signals.It also originally came equipped with the the galvanized metal screens that are riveted over all of the windows (except windshield). Unfortunately all of this expedition equipment has been removed and lost.


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    Looks like Charles Kellog (aka: cornflakes) has #250


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    I have #734 (shipped to Canada in 1968) 109 NADA station wagon in Limestone c/w safari roof but mine has a factory 2.25L Diesel ( go figure?) with an overdrive unit. Chassis plate indictes a series IIA but the body is a series III ,I am in the process of trying to search with Land Rover in the UK for the factory records. It is under going a chassis up restoration. I am located in Ontario, Canada

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    I have seen several people say they have 2.25l engines i theirs, but I thought the definition of a NADA truck was that it came with the 6 cyclinder (as opposed to any sort of original North America truck) (as opposed to the imported MoD and other country ones that seem pretty common).

    I didn't see the definition above but we are up to 12 pages on this thread so I may have missed it...

    Thanks in advance for the enlightenment.

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    Mine is a 2.25d, but it's obviously a swap - the old motor mounts are still there. Mark, does yours have mounts for the 2.6, or maybe just nubs on the frame where they were ground off?
    '67 109 NADA #413 - rebuilding w/ TDI & galvy chassis.

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    Thanks in advance for the enlightenment
    this will shed some light on the beasts.

    from East Coast Rover site:

    "In 1967 a limited production of 811 NADA (North America Dollar Area) 109 Safari Station Wagons were shipped to the U.S. These were the standard 109 5 door Safari Wagons, but they had a modified version of the 2.6 liter, 6 cylinder engine. The engine used a Westlake cylinder head and some other equipment to try and win back customers who complained of the lack of power from the 2.25 liter, 77 bhp, 4 cylinder in the over 3900 pound vehicle. The NADA 109's can be told from other 109 Safari Wagons in many ways. The NADA wagons had dual heated windscreens (like a rear window defroster, but encased in the windshield glass), the uniquely modified 6 cylinder engine, dash parts that were covered in textured plastic, not painted as usual, and they all have serial numbers that start with 343. This now rare version failed to jump start the slow sales of 109's, and it could not compete with the cheaper, faster, and more reliable U.S. built trucks of the time. Land-Rover stopped importing the 109 completely in 1967."

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