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    Cool LR3 Advice

    I'm about to purchase an LR3 - 2006 SE (v6) with 35K. I use to be a Disco II owner - had a bad accident going up to VT - car was totalled. Very sad day for me!

    So I am thinking the LR3 should be my next obvious choice. Anything I should know about the car at 35k? How bad is it on gas? Handling? HWY driving? Any know problems i should be aware of? What services should have been done at 34k miles? I want to have the dealer put it up on the lift and I do a visual inspection myself - I'm thinking brakes will probably need to get done.

    I really appreciate your input.

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    my wife's got a '07. i like it. it replaced her volvo xc90 that got totaled, she says she misses the xc90. our only issue to date was the dash light dimmer switch did dim, just turn the lights on and off. we've probably got about 15k on it now.
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