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Thread: Service Engine Light, no codes

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    Default Service Engine Light, no codes

    My '97 has turned on the Service Engine Light. I plugged in the Reader and am getting no codes. I have heard there is an internal emmissions check that turns the light on at selected intervals. Can anyone confirm this? Can I turn it off or do I need to take it to a service department to run on their computer to turnit off?
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    The 'Service Engine' light is turned on by the BeCM at various mileage intervals. You can't turn it off with a generic OBDII code reader & it isn't related to any actual fault codes, unlike the 'Check Engine' light (or MIL as it's correctly known).

    You can get the light turned off at a RR main dealers using Testbook/T4, or an independent who has Autologic, ROVACOM or similar equipment.


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