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Thread: Disco I front end wobble

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    Question Disco I front end wobble

    The wobble only occurs after I return the steering back. As I'm making a turn,most often to the right, it almost feels as if I have a flat, but when I return it to go straight it seems as if the front axel is walking almost like what you would feel from a real tight turn while in 4 wheel drive

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    Have you figured out what the problem is?


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    Default Wobble

    How old is your steering dampner? If all the other critical front suspension parts are OK - then might be it...I had similar symptom cured by OME yellow dampner - Hoop.

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    A steering damper doesn't cure a problem. It merely hides the symptoms. A properly set up vehicle shouldn't need a steering damper to to conceal vibrations. I think it's time to get the front end in the air so you can do a detailed inspection.

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    almost sounds more drivetrain than suspension/steering. cv joints/axle shafts?

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