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Thread: National Rally in Moab

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    Default National Rally in Moab

    Anyone from N-Cal Or. or Wa. planning of heading out? Thinking of driving the Series so I won't be setting and land speed records. Might be nice to caravan with a few other rigs. Just a thought. I am in the Bay Area.
    Rally September 16-20
    67' 88"

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    Are you on the Mendocino board by any chance?

    I know that a couple of those folks are making the trip.

    '01 D2

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    I was a few years ago when I had my old disco. I'm sure I will get back in touch with those guys eventually.
    67' 88"

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    No pix from the recent 60 th Anniversary Rallye?

    Les Parker
    Tech. Support and Parts Specialist
    Rovers North Inc.

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    Didn't RN have a few folks there?

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