Good evening folks !!

My son borrowed my Disco this weekend to hit the North End of Carolina Beach, NC with some more college buddies on spring break. When he brought it back last night I noticed a a relay....coming from under the steering the vicinity of the fuse block. Didn't pay a whole lot of attention since the truck was running smooth like normal. I had about an hours drive to take him back to school so we headed out on I-40. As we were cruising along 65-70 I began to notice that the clicking was very uniform......a click every 6 or 7 seconds.....evenly spaced and consistent (yeah...I'm very OCD).

Anyway....once we got into Raleigh...sitting at a stoplight....I could hear that after every click the fuel pump would cycle on and run 2-3 seconds and cycle off.....then click....then fuel pump. No changes in frequency at 70.....or in town stop and go. Did it all the way home last night.....same thing this morning.....then sometime during the day today it went back to clicking at all.....still running smooth as silk......

Any ideas what might have been going on ????

Thanks in advance !!

Doug Lewis
Faison, NC