Just a couple of notes on Electrical problemsThese are simple fixes for alot of the issues on these cars)

Stay on top of Battery cleaning!! I clean my posts and cables about 4 times a year!! Put any of the anti corrode pastes on to keep good connection.

Rovers are very bad about poor grounds!! Check all of the multiwire grounds in and around the engine compartment, unbolt, clean thouroughly with wire brush(I keep one of those cheap NAPA 4 brush sets in my tool box) and again coat with anti corrode goo. There are other grounds in passenger compartment, underbody etc., you will need to order a factory electrical schematic from Rovers North (the best investment you will make!!, you can take it to your mechanic if you dont do your own work and he will love you and save you money!!) to locate all of them.

Many of the irritating "blinking lights, running/driveability issues etc" come from corrosion.

Another big issue was water invading the dash(RR classic early Disco)and getting into the major elec junctions and inturn these corroding out.
You will find real horror stories under there and LR had Service Bulletins addressing these(I know cause I did a lot of these in my LR days!!).

Hope this helps,
Remember Rovers are a Maintenance heavy vehicle and time invested in PMCS(a military term for preventitive maintenance) will pay off big time!!

Cheers from Bavaria