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    Default BUGEYE Registry

    I would like to start a registry of the short-lived, Bugeye. A name given to the late IIa, during a period (late ’68 thru early ’69) where enough of Land Rover’s market required that the headlights couldn’t be recessed, on the grill of the breakfast, because it attenuated the effectiveness of the headlights, because the inboard-side of the wings, narrowed the scope of the light (I have heard that Australia was the big market-but there were others). To solve this problem, LR put the headlights on the fronts of the wings. Whether or not it was decided to put the lights in bezels later, or before, nonetheless, the headlights were mounted to the surface of the front of the fender wing. This made them stick out, in an unfinished appearance, hence the name, Bugeye. I do not know how many were made, but I have heard that it is a couple-thou. I cannot give a VIN range, like the other registries of this nature, but I will start out by giving my VIN.

    I have done the "Eric Pagan" thing (LR traceability engineer), and received build information on two different 69’s I have had. One bug-eye, one not. From this information, I would deduce that mine was in the middle of the run. Not sure though.

    I want to see any and all Bugeyes, no matter where the vehicle is!

    If you own, or know where a particular Bugeye is located, give the VIN, City and State, tell us a little about it, and if you can’t provide a picture, tell us the color scheme.

    Thanks "Highmile", for giving me the idea.

    VIN: 24435574F

    Fort Wayne, Indiana. Paint and seats are not original, but everything else is. 73k original miles. Originally, California car. Very pleased with how rust-free this thing is. Pastel Green. OEM Koenig winch. Toro Overdrive.

    Update 8-12-08: Checkout Thompson's brilliant artwork in my avatar! Also, see last post!

    OFFICIAL Rovers North Bugeye Registry

    Updated 3-11-2022. The list as of today:

    24435243F--LR Enthusiast Sept '04, Holland Marines.
    24435347F--eBay 05-09-06, Lights in grill modification?
    24435354F--"Bryre", Pastel green. Fine example of a vintage rover that has been babied from its inception.
    24435411F--"69Bugeye", Las Vegas, First vintage rover for this man. Pastel Green.
    24435434F--eBay 03-17-09 Seller said fenders modified, sqr bzl, flat bottom breakfast.
    24435439F--"alaskabush", Location unknown, see Post #234, Sold by "alaskabush".
    24435501F--"drbrain". Harry.
    24435551F--"1969bugeye", Post #79.
    24435574F--eBay 08-27-02, Billy5, Greenport, Long Island, Post #166.
    24435577F--RN Bugeye Registry, Updates in RN Bugeye registry.
    24435600F--RN Bugeye Registry, 2021-04-30 Update, eBay 2015-03-08.
    24435609E--LRMAN, Windham, Maine. Marine Blue. updates in RN Bugeye registry list suffix as "E", post #71.
    24435660F--Joey Dohey Newfoundland, Canada.
    24435680F--Jim Allen, California.
    24435681F--Colin Fowler, Denver, CO. Post #216 Marine Blue, from Steve Hoffman.
    24435684F--JSBriggs; White, "Broke-back", er, uh, I mean, "Salt-Lick", parts car, maybe resto.
    24435701F--Michael, What is the source of # ?
    24435710F--"bugeyemike", Post #225.
    24435763F--"Isgro", Martha's Vineyard, Post #245.
    24435766F--Gregg Holingsworth Colchester, CT.
    24435782F--Alberta, Canada, 2021-04-30 Update.
    24435786F--RN Bugeye Registry, 2021-04-30 Update
    24435806F--Rovers Magazine Winter 2021, Scott Gould, Cape Elizabeth, ME, Nice photo spread.
    24435807F--D & K Hunady
    24435824F--RN Bugeye Registry, Cardwell, Savannah, GA, Post #232, 2021-04-30 Update.
    24435829F--John Nyhus Phoenix, AZ
    24435838F--eBay 03-11-07
    24435845F--Blue Ridge Rover Works, Ashville, NC 10-23-2020, Vehicle being shipped back to owner out of state.
    24435851F--RN Bugeye Registry, Missouri, 2021-04-30 Update.
    24435855F--RN Bugeye Registry, Long Island 2013-05, Updates in RN Bugeye Registry.
    24435856F--RN Bugeye Registry, Mnt Kisko, NY, 2013-11-24.
    24435858F--Charles, Washington state.
    24435860F--Jim Dupont.
    24435864F--R. Bradley, Portland, OR.
    24435865F--"lumpydog", Mass, Post #206.
    24435868F--"Cevan", 2012-10-11.
    24435870F--"Cmcgahagin", Maryland, 2021-04-30 Update.
    24435874F--S. Carolina, 2021-04-30 Update.
    24435885F--Rover3, Just bought after 15 years of looking.
    24435896F--eBay, North Carolina.
    24435907F--"mateo84", Post #239.
    24435917F--eBay, Bill Noorlag, Rockford Ill, Parted out.
    24435984F--J. Laudin, Omaha, Nebraska, Post #235 (From Blue Ridge Rover Works).
    24435985F--Atlanta, 2021-04-18 Update, 2014-03-02 Posting.
    24435992F--RTom, Woburn, MA, Posted 2022-01-16.
    24435993F--What is the source of # ?
    24435996F--Steve M, 2012-04, New Jersey, Updates in RN Bugeye Registry.
    24435998F--Spokane Craigslist, Rob W., Kalispell, Washington, 2021-04-18 Update.
    24436024F--Guns and Rovers, joe1@aol_dot_com, Merrimack, NH, 2022-02-02, Under deposit (Sold).
    24436039F--RN Bugeye Registry.
    24436079F--Gordon Fowler; 1970 is the alleged build year, New Brunswick, CA, 2021-04-30 Update.
    24436095F--Ithica NY, parted out 2012-08, 2021-04-30 Update.
    24436112F--RN Bugeye Registry, 2021-04-30 Update.
    24436131F--"Mthede", Marine blue, home made frame RN.
    24436142F--From Bob Shatra, David Ducat now owns this, Lebanon CT.
    24436167F--Spotted on eBay.
    24436207F--Bob, Plattsburgh area New York State.
    24436214F--Neil, from Alaska, red as all "get-out", daily driver. Owned by "Fbnksrover" as of Jan. 2013.
    24436222F--eBay, Gurnee, ILL.
    24436224F--Jeremy Parden, Ashville NC, 2013-05.
    24436228F--Derrek, SoCal, Bronze green. Was listed eBay 09-02-05 Florida
    24436255F--Mike Smith
    24436263F--Larry Kotch, Ithica, NY, I met him in 1998 at the 50th Anniversary at Greek Peak.
    24436285F--Cristina, Pastel green, awaiting resto, looks very similar to the one below.
    24436288F--Clark, Post #208, RN Bugeye Registry.
    24436294F--Bob Bystrowski, Last known in Conn., David Ducat sold to him.
    24436298F--eBay 07-23-06 Gallupville, NY listed as 2443G298F, 5 or 6?.
    24436301F--Gregg Grolsh, Sold to David Ducat, Lebanon, CT.
    24436302F--Arthur Patsouris sold, Last known in Boston area.
    24438186G--Metal Dash Weekend 2014, CT antique plate 95245, Jan-02.

    Last edited by RN Admin; 03-11-2022 at 04:19 PM. Reason: updated registry list

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