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Thread: LIFTS--this will get the replies coming in!!

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    Thanks for the relies. JSLAYER what do you mean when you say7 diff. lock? Is there a switch I don't know of??

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSalyer
    Remember even if you blow an axle and a diff, you remove the driveshaft, 3rd member(diff) and axles, stick the car in diff lock and drive back home.
    He has a '90 doesn't he? That means BW t case not LT230, no center diff lock for him.... (none for me with my '89 either...)
    1965 SIIa 88",1975 Ex-MOD 109/Ambulance, 1989 RRC, blah, blah, blah...

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    Default Lifts

    I run a heavy duty old man emu kit with nitro charger shocks, two inch spacers front and rear and lowered rear shock mounts. the kit is pretty tall, I run 255/85's with rovertym trailing arms, and they don't rub. i would recommend getting caster corrected swivel balls from rovertym. the ride is very stable and makes for quite the capable machine.

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    I am new to the forum and Range Rovers. I hope to be picking up my first this weekend. What do you mean when you say drop kit in rear. I think you are talking about the shock mount location? Thanks.


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    The purpose of lifts is usually to fit larger tires so that more clearance can be obtained under the axles.At the same time,more clearance is gained under the chassis,breakover and departure angles are improved. If the lift is well designed with appropriate changes in shock travel,bump stops the lift can also increase articulation.

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    RRC with OME 764s rear, unknown progressive wound fronts off an LWB with coil swap, OME nitrochargers all the way around, currently on 225/75's. Sits higher in the front, no boge no sway bars all new bushings. Truck wanders on the road a bit, could be the narrow tires and castor loss. handles great if you can drive, could be sketchy in the wrong hands. id post photos but BB wont let me.

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