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Thread: HVAC!!! I need a maintenance/service manual!

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    Default HVAC!!! I need a maintenance/service manual!

    and i should probably also have an engineering degree if i intend to figure out the climate control system on my 91 RRC SWB. any help? it never seems to do the same thing twice, however i can somehow manage to regularly get hot air out of the defrost vents and cool air from the dash vents! i don't know how but.... i think one fan is not working at all and one works only on high also. please explain if you know. also if anyone has a good manual they'd like to part with let me know. one more thing, anyone know if all four of the U joints on this truck are the same? this part number......

    Drivetrain, U-Joint for Driveshaft, Genuine

    Part#: RNF411 Price: $69.00


    '91 RRC, SWB (tuned up quite nicely, new water pump, needs radiator repaired or replaced and brakes!) Sold😔
    '74 S III, diesel, 109, rhd, hard top
    (patiently awaiting cummings 4bt, nv 4500, and np200!)
    Finally IN PROGRESS!! Sold😖

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    First, you won't get heat out of the vents facing you on the dash. They only recirculate fresh air or A/C. You can get heat ONLY through the defrosters on top of the dash or at the floor through the heating vents.

    You have two separate blower motors in a pre-95 RRC. The A/C blower motor assembly (actually two motors tied together atop the evaporator assembly) is located in the passenger footwell. The heater blower motor is part of the large assembly directly behind the center dash.

    Second, regarding u-joints, do a little research because you can get Neapco (US made) u-joints at Advance Auto for about $13 a piece and yes, all four are the same. For a parts number check out for their lising of alternative parts.

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