Here I go again, I'll keep posting these until Thompson(TSR53) kick me off hee hee.

Well here is something you need to address on your rover that will stop you cold in your tracks, usually 20 miles down the trail or on that back road in West Virginia(watch "Deliverance")!!

You should rebuild your hubs every 60K if you dont off road, and every year if you do. If you're like I used to be, it was every 2 months, since a great deal of my time was in the water.

Rovers are notorious for blowing hub seals, and they just seem to need more maintenance in this area. If you have recently purchased your Rover
and cant find a record of hub rebuild/repack, do it or have it done. If one of them fails due to lack of grease, a stub axle is about $300, bearings about $40, seals $10, plus labor per hub. If you do it now, all you are looking at is seals and grease.

I wont get into the procedure, there are plenty of threads on it and its in the manual, but if you are going to do it yourself, make sure you have a working knowledge of wheel bearings, brakes etc, and the PROPER tools!! I have seen alot of folks ruin a hub, making mistakes in this procedure.
If you are going to pay somebody, make sure they are a competent Rover mechanic(same issues!)

I have been in a vehicle(a friends) going to an event when the hub failed at 60mph. The wheel locked up momentarily(almost causing us to crash) then every thing in the hub went away!! then crunchy crunchy till we got it stopped. He was the first one to say, "I was gonna do that, but just blew it off".

One caveat to this, if you can get an industrial grade synthetic grease that inhibits water, I used to buy it from Wurth, and it was for bulldozers, dumptrucks etc. You might try www.Wurth.com and see. I bought several tubes, and we used it at the dealer for guys who where serious offroaders(additional charge of course!!). This stuff was tacky, gooey stuff, and the bearings would not wear out!!