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Thread: Show us your Series

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    Default Show us your Series

    Having just built my fist series, It really helps to see what other people have done with their Rovers. Some ideas I loved and went for , others I thought I would love, but didn't after seeing done.
    1966 2a Wolf Wheels 235 85 r16. RM Parabolics. Rovers North Sliders, Pertronix, Turner 8:1

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    67' 88"

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    That is very nice, bear. I have seen only a few with that color combo. Love the black rims and cream paint.

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    Check out this thread as well for some good pictures:

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    Okay. Here's my '63 SIIA 88" Station Wagon. Purchased from original owner in 2001, now with Turner HO 2.25, RM Parabolics, Pangolin bumper, and newly installed galvy frame. Regards, Andrew
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    Your truck looks like mine Bear!
    I am looking at your 16" wheels and tire size! Nice! Do they work for you?
    What kind of tires are they?
    Also I see that you have your seat belts attached to the rear bulkhead rail.
    I should probably do that so if I want to take the top off I can.
    I am about to mount the belts on brackets that are on the top side.
    Any advice!
    Thanks for sharing! Looks like you have a very nice place too!

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    Hi Andrew!

    Nice truck Bear. As much as I love the Goat, it is so far from stock that I now want to add a bone stock IIA to the barn for nostalgia, particularly a 109 5 door.
    The Goat, 2.8 Daihatsu Td, '73 coil conversion

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    My 1st post and my new SII! I also have learned that it is a early SII not a IIA so i have changed my picasa heading to show that
    Luc LR Tech
    2011 Range Rover
    1961 SII
    2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road

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    bear, your truck also looks very similar to mine!

    Here's my original truck....

    and my project....(which is quite similar to yours, andrew iia)

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    '67 sort of station wagon (limestone), '65 gray hardtop, '63 blue Station Wagon, '64 limestone station wagon in pieces

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    I love looking at pictures of other Land Rovers. Here are a few of mine:

    On the trail in Chester MA:

    Ham radio expedition, Prudence Island, RI:

    Dressed up for the car show, British By The Sea, in CT:

    This Quincy guy let me park in front of his market:

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    I haven't done anything with a list of mods in a few years so I'll probably miss a few.

    Side view taken 10 years ago in Eastern Montanna

    The vehicle: 1960 109 regular converted to a Dormobile in 1996-97. Lots of worn out parts were replaced with newer model Series parts.

    Brakes: Dual circuit power brakes from a SIII. Rocky Mountain front disc brakes

    Drive train: 1970 Ford 302 with 1991 Mustang 5.0 fuel injection. Custom aluminum radiator, Mercedes V8 electric fan, Borg Warner T-18 gearbox, Series transfercase with Ashcroft high ratio kit, Custom Great basin rear propshaft, Rear Salisbury moved 1-1/2 inch rearwards from the stock location, ARB air locker, Great Basin hardened rear axles. Front end is Rover with Range Rover Classic pumpkin, Trutrac limited slip carrier, SeriesTrek 24 spline front axles. Front propshaft is custom Great Basin Rovers with narrower than stock dia, long slip joint and high angle yolks. 4.75:1 R&P. Wheels are Dicovery steel wheels with 255/85R16 BFG Mud Terrains (33.3" dia).

    Suspension: One ton springs with sheets of high density plastic layered between each spring leaf. The result is a strong spring with the vertical movement virtually identical to parabolics with very little side sway. Extend shackles (6 degree wedge under front axle to correct kingpin angle) and great basin greasable poly bushings.

    Power steering using a Scout II steering box.

    Fluids: 2 front under seat fuel tanks plus a rear fuel tank for a total fuel capacity of 42 gallons.

    Rear tank filler parts came from a D110 heavy duty & were supplied by Rovers North

    Built in 15 gallon drinking water tank, built in 5 gallon propane tank and a 2-1/2 gallon compressed air tank filled from a Quickair2 compressor.

    Body: rear side behind wheel trimmed horizontal for more clearance (I kept bending the bottom coming off rocks), diamond plate attached to bottom skirts, I haven't needed sliders yet but occasionally scrape things with the side skirts. Series III left inner wing panel for clearance of the power brake system.

    Outer wing panels are for an Euro spec early Defender (no holes for side lights). In the above picture you can see a Donaldson horizontal mount canister air filter and prefilter mounted to the underside of the wing top.

    Above picture 2008 on the California Mojave trail

    Hard top sides are the front of an 88 windowless side and the rear of an 88 sliding window side connected together to make a 109 regular side with sliding windows. In the picture, the front filler is for the left front fuel tank and the one behind it is for the water tank. All the parts behind the cap have been replaced for the water system. The rear lift gate has been side hinged so I don't catch my hair going in & out of the rear.

    The roof of course came from a wrecked Dormobile as did most of the interior. The interior would be a would different subject, but includes toilet, bed, 2 sinks stove & refrigerator

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