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Thread: TRANSFER CASE REPAIR - $6,000???

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    Angry TRANSFER CASE REPAIR - $6,000???

    I own a 2006 LR3 HSE - heard a rumbling noise from under the car a few days back, and now its a deep grinding noise... took it to the dealer, and they are telling me that the transfer case needs to be repaired, and that it'll cost 6k... I have 90k on the car so it's over-warranty, and LR, the dealer, etc are essentially telling me to either fix it or 'talk to a salesperson and look into buying a new one' (ridiculous)...

    Has anyone a) had to replace the transfer case on their car yet, and/or b) had any luck with getting anyone at LR (aside from the front-line people who seem to be employed just to say no?)

    I love this car, and would like to think that LR's crap-customer-service reputation isn't as true as it's living up to be...

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    i have been thinking about this ever since i heard it on ctv. anyway i just had my 2003 range rover repaired under warrenty. i thought that it was the transfer case but it turned out to be a front differintal failure. others on have been complaining about it. i am not 100 percent sure but i was under the impression the the LR3 uses the same platform as the RRsport. you may have a front diff failure. you can read here. also you may want to try gilles or donna may help you

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