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    Default Other Favorite Vehicles

    Deep down I know that every Land Rover enthusiast appreciates great automobiles; the same qualities that attract you to Land Rovers also connect you with other significant cars and trucks.

    For a planned article in the Rovers North News, I'd love to know vehicles you own as an enthusiast, and/or vehicles you wish you could own but can't right now. What makes them right for you?

    You can post your thoughts on this thread, send me a PM, or email me directly at

    Thanks in advance,

    Jeff Aronson
    Vinalhaven, ME 04863
    '66 Series II-A SW 88"
    '66 Series II-A HT 88"
    '80 Triumph TR-7 Spider
    '80 Triumph Spitfire
    '66 Corvair Monza Coupe

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    Jeff - didn't know you had a Corvair - I've owned several of those including a 1965 Corsa Turbo convertible...

    Anyway to answer your question I've found through careful experimentation over the last 45 years that you can do pretty much everything needed in the automotive world with the right combination of Land Rovers and Porsches (with the possible addition of a BMW 2002 - I've owned seven of those).

    I've owned over 80 cars over the last 45 years from Cadillacs to Pickups - including 4 Volvos, 7 Fiats, 3 Alfas, 3 Mercedes, 18 BMW's, 17 Land Rovers, 2 NSU's 1 Honda, 3 Porsches, an MGA, 4 Corvairs, an International Travelall, and some other stuff I can't remember.

    Jack Walter
    1956 Porsche 356 Carrera
    1966 Land Rover 109 SIIA diesel station wagon
    1967 Land Rover 88 SIIA pickup with PTO
    1985 Land Rover 90 with Tdi
    2007 Land Rover LR3
    1968 Kyote dune buggy

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