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Thread: Mazda RF 2.0 Diesel in a Series

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    Default Mazda RF 2.0 Diesel in a Series

    Anybody know if this has been done before? Puts out 85 hp at 4000 rpm. Seems like it might be a nice little boost for a Series 88 that could be run with the stock drivetrain without destroying it like the bigger turbo diesels. Small, light, relatively cheap, and gets about 40 mpg in a Mazda B2200 4x4 pickup. Any thoughts, insights either way? Thanks - Jeremy

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    sure- go for it. Where did you find one of those little diesels? I think I have seen it done before on one of the Aussie or European LR forums.
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    I saw that on Ebay. Looks nice and compact but of course there will be some custom fab involved to mate it up.
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