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Thread: 4th gear ratio incorrect?

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    Sly 4th gear ratio incorrect?

    My dads Range Rover always says this even after i clear the code, so the problem is must be real.

    well i can drive it or he can at most 100 miles before the service engine now light comes back on.

    is there a check engine light too?

    car drives amazing even when the light is in on.

    just strange becauese i have one and drive way more than he does and my rover has more miles and is touble free both are the same year 2001

    any advice will help

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    Switch out your MAF sensors and the 4th Gear... message should shift over to your P38................

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    why are you woried about your 4th gear ratio? What are your symptoms again?

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    Service Engine Soon light refers to engine fault codes
    Check Engine light refers to emission fault codes , hope that helps
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    Replaced the MAF sensor so far so good no service engine light


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    Da Nada......................

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