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Thread: 1983 Defender V8 maybe a collectors item?

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    thumb-up 1983 Defender V8 maybe a collectors item?

    This is for a 1983 Land Rover CSW 110 V8 with the following VIN No SALLDHMV1AA198600. The discrepancy with the above year is because the system would not accept the combination of year and VIN. The breakdown of the VIN is as follows - SAL-(Manufacture Code) Land Rover, LD-(Model) Defender 90 or 110, H-(Wheelbase) 110 , M-4 door (LWB), V-(Engine type) 3.5 V8 engine, 1- (Steering and transmission) RHD 4 speed manual, A-(Model year) 1983/1984, A-(Build location) Solihull build.

    Currently also for sale on along with loads of pics.


    She was first registered on 23rd September 1983 and has a current UK MOT Certificate. She has been restored for resale and is a first class example of an ORIGINAL 110 County Station Wagon minus the painted strips! with ORIGINAL chassis, engine and gearbox. If you want to import old Land Rovers that are exempt from Federal and EPA regulations they have to be ORIGINALS. The collars and cuffs have to match!!

    This is one of the first of the coil sprung Defender 110's ever built. The chassis is in excellent condition with small professional repairs to the front outriggers and foot wells. Repairs one would be expected of a Land Rover of this age. The chassis has since been wax oiled and hand painted with Galfoid black paint by myself. The bulk head has had a small repair on the drivers side top hinge but is in good condition otherwise. The engine is the original 3.5 liter V8 with only 55,800 miles on the clock.


    The ignition system has been upgraded to full electronic status with a Unilite distributor, high output coil, new ballast resistor and the latest Magnacor competition red KV85 ignition cables.

    A stainless steel sports exhaust has been fitted which includes a tubular exhaust manifold.

    The air filter box has been replaced by dual K&N filters direct to the twin SU's.

    Not only does this help the engine breathe better but also makes the engine sound fantastic.

    The water pump was replaced as part of the preparation for resale.

    At the time that this was carried out the front of the Land Rover was overhauled, painted and wax oiled.

    The seals on the transfer box have been replaced and the transmission brake shoes are brand new.

    The rear brake shoes and and hoses are new and as such in excellent condition.

    The front braking system has been replaced with brand new calipers and pads.

    She is sitting on 4 off 16x70 Modular Black rims with 4 off brand new 265x75x16 BFG All Terrains.

    The spare which, is stored on a brand new swing away wheel carrier, still has the rubber spikes on the tread pattern.... this tyre has never seen the tarmac. Look closely at the other pic of the tyre and you can still see the rubber spikes on the road wheel.


    She was first registered on 23 September 1983 and since then has had 7 former keepers. The previous owner purchased her in August 2005 and from the receipts I have replaced much of the suspension. She was sold to me in May of this year when the then owner realised that he had to wait a further 5 years before she would reach Vintage status in Ireland, which is after 30 years. Other items that were replaced prior to my ownership include all 4 shocks, 4 springs, power steering pump, differential flange, brake hoses, fuel tank, seat covers, speedo cable, receipts for which are all available dating back to 2004.
    Since owning her I have spent time and money to ensure that she will be a reliable every day usable Land Rover. Indeed many of the items included will make her better than new, for example the electronic ignition system, S/S exhaust system and brand new fuel pump all of which are evident in the pics section. Note the fuel pump that stands out against the black Galfoid painted chassis.


    This is a Right Hand Drive Defender. Ownership of this vehicle will require for it to be shipped from Ireland to the new owner. Full payment must be made prior to the Land Rover being released. A Defender occupies 17m3 of container space. The cost to ship from the port of Dublin to the port of New York is £1275.00 STR which is approx $2000.00 UDS. I will deliver the car to Dublin (5 hours away from my home)

    I have many additional photos of this beautiful 110 and of the five other Land Rovers that I own, which include a nut and bolt rebuild of a 1973 V8 converted Series 111 (offers?), a 2003 original 110 G4 Challenge, a 1985 90 the next project and the wife’s Discovery 3.

    This Land Rover has been specked for the USA market by a self confessed Land Rover enthusiast.


    If the vehicle is at least 21 years old, there are no EPA compliance requirements upon importation. If the vehicle is 25 years old or more, it does not have to comply with the DOT's Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) to be imported permanently. The age of the vehicle is determined by subtracting the calendar year of manufacture from the calendar year of importation. If the calendar year of manufacture is unavailable, the importer may substitute the model year or year of first registration. For instance, to qualify in 2003 for avoiding EPA requirements, the vehicle must have been manufactured in 1982 or earlier; for avoiding DOT as well as EPA requirements, the vehicle must have been manufactured in 1978. To import a classic car, no approval from EPA is required, nor must the importer post a Customs bond. The importer must demonstrate to CBP the vehicle or engine was manufactured prior to the qualifying date. Documents such as a title, or letter from the original manufacturer may be used for this purpose. The importer must file with CBP, upon entry, an EPA form 3520-1 (with a copy of title, etc. attached) and declare code "E" on that form. CBP may waive this requirement for nonresidents traveling temporarily in the U.S. in Mexican or Canadian registered vehicles with no intent to sell the vehicle. You can also obtain the form by calling EPA at 734-214-4100. The importer is also required to file a DOT form HS-7, which may be available at the port of entry and can be downloaded from the DOT web site or by calling the Auto Safety Hotline at 1-800-424-9393.

    telephone no +353872600748 / +353669472244

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    Default 1983 Defender

    the ebay lising number is as follows


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