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Thread: 1983 110 V8 County Stationwagon Left hand drive

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    Default 1983 110 V8 County Stationwagon Left hand drive

    I have a Land Rover 110 V8 County Stationwagon for sale.
    It is from april 1984 and LEFT HAND DRIVE.
    It's in original condition.
    From the outside it looks rather good.
    But, as with most older defenders, the door frames have rust on the inside (new doors for old models are very cheap, you can fit serie III doors)
    The chassis is in good condition, had some repairs in the past but no repairs are needed at this moment, it has been fully waxoiled.
    The car runs on petrol or on LPG.
    It's a saoudi spec vehicle so once it had aircon but that has been removed.
    It has a later 5 speed gearbox instead of the older 4 speed box.
    It has a Dutch title and it has been just been tested in the Netherlands.

    This car is still in the Netherlands.
    Price doesn't include shipping (I think about 2000 dollars)

    My price idea is around 12000 dollars.

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    That's a bit more than the 1,500 you offered me for mine.

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    People usually want to pay less than that for a truck that's already in the states.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stobbie
    But, as with most older defenders, the door frames have rust on the inside (new doors for old models are very cheap, you can fit serie III doors)
    If they are that cheap over there, you would be well served to replace them before you sell it, as they are far from cheap over here. I believe they have gone up dramatically, but I paid $1400 for a set of new blanks 2 years ago. Our host had a bunch of pulls, complete with hardware and they were pretty damned expensive if you asked me.

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    New Defender doors are pretty hard to find over here.

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    Default WELDER INCLUDED ????

    I was wondering, at the price you are asking, if you included a NATO trailor hitch to tow the welder that the hapless purchaser will need to make repairs to the chassis and bulkhead ? Buying a premium price Defender with a rusty chassis and bulkhead is like buying a house with no foundation. Probably a nice 110 that deserves to have a new galvi chassis and bulkhead, and priced with that in mind ! It's a shame to see this level of greed that Defenders, especially 110's, seems to attract.

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    Hands down, the U.S. market is more selective and picky while shopping for a truck. Until the guys across the pond figure that out, and the fact that we're not going to shell out big $ for a total piece of junk, they're going to be sitting on the trucks for awhile. Greed, yes. Stupidity, absolutely. If they have all of these bones sitting around, why not sell them cheap, move several trucks , make a return on the effort and be happy instead of trying to make the big score with one lemon and sit on it for a long time, and when the sale does finally come, when they tally everything up, they end up upside down. I don't get it.
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    I must admit, I thought I could make decent money with my 110. But I know I can't so will hang on to it. I've had a lot of fun with it and would be sorry to see it go. It's worth more to me to keep it.

    Unless someone wants to pay lots. :P

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    This car is originally from Switserland and has been in Holland for one year now.
    Left hand drive 5 door vehicles of this vintage are very rare, not only in the US but also in Europe.
    I can find a few early hardtops each year, but there are years I cannot find a single stationwagon.

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    So why offer peanuts for mine?

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