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    I have a wrecked 1996 Disco with a 5 speed transmission. Would it be possible to put that engine and transmission into a RR from around the same year? Any thoughts or suggestions? Ted

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    You're planning on swapping in the pedal box assembly, will the brake booster work with a clutch master next to it?
    I haven't worked on many P38's, but if your truck is like the "newer" ones, like 99-02 or so, is the automatic controlled by the ECU,or is that only in the " Bosch era"? If so, I don't remember seeing anything on Autologic that would allow the tech to input the change to a 5 speed, but I could be wrong .
    Would be cool to have a manual in a Rangie though.
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    Default Manual P38 ????

    I beleive this would work with the Classic's upto 1994, maybe 1995 Soft Dash.
    The chassis mounts, drive line would be completly different, but as we know, if you want to make it work.......
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