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Thread: New Kid Needs Help!!

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    thumb-up New Kid Needs Help!!

    Hello Everyone at Rovers North BBS,

    I am brand new to the forum, but have been occasionally visiting for the past couple of years. My history with Rovers has been a short but an action packed one. I have learned alot over the past five years from watching friends and fellow enthusiasts play with and work on there rigs.

    Now that I have finally purchased my own rig. I am ready to start using this BBS more often and actually being active and not just a viewer. Just wanted to thank every one in advance for being patient with me. Looking forward to talking and getting to know the active users.

    Thanks. Garrett Wheeler (Warren, VT)

    P.S- If any one has any suggestions or tips on what I should look out for or do ASAP to my 97 Range Rover 4.0 it would be greatly appreciated.

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    coolant on the starboard foot well means bad heater core beware

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    Welcome to the board, glad to see some new folk from VT on the BBS.

    Les Parker
    Tech. Support and Parts Specialist
    Rovers North Inc.

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    Default O Rings

    Quote Originally Posted by Landlover.Hunter View Post
    coolant on the starboard foot well means bad heater core beware
    Not all the time... I replaced the $1.00 O-rings to solve my leaky issues. However, the job took nearly 4 hours and that was with the short cuts found on
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