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    I'm looking for people to collaborate with in getting updated maps for our built-in NAVTEQ GPS maps.

    I bought my P38A in 2006 and it came with a single (NAVTEQ 2002) map of New York; this is where the car had originally been registered so no surprise there. As I lived in the great north west the map wasn't much good to me so I purchased the full "new" set (still 2002) from the LR dealer for about $200. I only need the maps for WA, OR, CA

    Since then NAVTEQ have updated their maps to 2009 data; unfortunately if you try to get updates for the LR I am directed to a different site ( and told that I can get an 8-CD 2007 set for only $200. If I try to find something equivalent on the NAVTEQ site (e.g. Ford Expedition, 2003) I'm offered 12-CDs, still for $200.

    I'm trying to achieve two results:
    1) get the latest maps (why pay $200 for something that is at least 2 years out of date)?
    2) only get the maps I need (west USA).

    If you know how to get the latest maps then let me know; more importantly if you also want a SUBSET of the maps then let's see if we can cooperate on buying the full set and then splitting them up (e.g. I keep the 2-CDs I need, you take the 2 you need, someone else takes Texas, ... - you get the idea).

    This isn't a scam; I'm just tired of the limitations of built in GPS (although I do love the benefits) and paying through the nose for too much, outdated, information.

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    New Navigation CD released for p38a

    by marcpablo

    8 disk CD; Not DVD for North America

    97 4.6 SSE, MK2 nav, Gen2s, Bilsteins, anti-sway bars (WITH A REAL SUPERCHARGER)
    04 4.4 HSE MK4, BT/TV, Sirius, XM, AUX, HDRADIO, IV2, DVD Changer
    __________________________________________________ _________________
    lead capture
    clear vision 3

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    Awsome sailboat what kind and whare do you sail her

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