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Thread: Door seal alternatives

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    Shoot me an Email at and I'll send you pictures.

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    I got the defender molding sets from RN. My experience in installing them (without trimming the lip) has been a little more tedious than others have explained, but I seem to be making it work. I did the back door and now doing a front door. Question: Im not sure how the sill molding is supposed to go on. Does this piece have to be revitted? Does anyone have a picture of one installed?

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    Default Door Seal

    I contacted Restoration Specialties as you suggested - They wanted a part number. Do you still have that info for the door seals?


    Quote Originally Posted by thixon View Post
    You can buy generic, press on door weatherstrip, by the roll. What you're looking for is similar to what others are indicating as "defender" style weatherstrip. The link I've given you is good for all types of weatherstripping, from window channel to, to door weatherstripping, to anything in between. Call 'em up, and let 'em know what your trying to accomplish. They'll help.

    You can also buy rolls of this stuff at any autoparts store if your in a hurry. As usual, you'll pay more for it there (a lot more).

    One more thing, you'll have to cut it, but its an easy project. If you take your time, the results will be excellent.

    Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go to home depot/lowes/menards and buy the stick on foam window and door weatherstripping and attempt to glue/stick it in place. You will be much happier with the performance and look of the automotive press on style stripping. You'll thank me later, trust me.

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