I thought I was the only one fighting this battle, my NAS D90SW has the drivers door pop open, only partially unlatched actually, that requires me to open the door and pull it shut again...moments before repeating. Sometimes, cracking the sunroof or rear windows helps slow, or stop this. However, in the summer with the A/C on, this is not ideal. If tried moving the B-Pilar latch post in and out and nothing seems to help. I'd love so just earn a brown belt and work towards me black. Only other symptom...my interior door pull is slightly out. Maybe that's it? So the door isn't fully latched to begin with? Taking the door apart this week (which is a pita) to try and work on the pull. Right now, I have to let myself out by rolling down the window, as the pull does nothing, unless it's already loose and I pull it in and pull the latch hard.

I'm the original owner of 431/500