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    As of tomorrow, I will be the proud (I hope) owner of what seems to be a very well maintained 1999 4.0 P38. It appears to be in great shape. No rust, no dents, new tires, yada yada... But I am told that it overheats from time to time. Ran fine for the 15 minutes that I test drove it. Owner says that sometimes, it just overheats. Could the answer be as simple as replacing the thermastat? Can you just remove the thermastat and run these trucks or does that create some other issue? (We are in Florida so it is not an uncommon solution with other vehicles.)

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    On a Rover you will need the T-stat... I am not sure I would buy a Rover that has a history of overheating, you don't know how long it overheated or how far it was driven. You could be looking at something as cheap as it need a new T-stat and radiator flush to buying a new engine very soon.

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    If your coolant level is low, when you turn a sweeping corner the guage may FLY to hot.....Panic ensues...but just let it cool and then check your coolant level. Many times a litttle leak at the heater O rings will run the coolant level down.

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