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Thread: Prop shaft balance

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    look for the alignment marks on that shaft. Landrover was especially picky about some parts matching, that and if any cups look like they've been removed lately then see if all the needles are in there.

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    Ah, okay, Iíll take a look at that. I went ahead and ordered a new prop shaft, but still waiting for it to arrive. Thank you!

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    My 1971 shafts had alignment marks about the thickness of a hair on them... Very easy to see under a microscope.
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    Ha! The alignment marks werenít easy to see until I got the prop shaft off and cleaned up. You were spot on jimrr! The slip joint had been put back together out of alignment. Maybe that was the issue. Either way, the new proline shaft from our hosts looks good and definitely doesnít have as much play.

    On another note, while I have the prop shaft off, Iím replacing the rear output oil seal. Anybody know if that can be done without removing the speedo housing? I donít want to mess with the shims and bearing preload if I donít have to.

    Planning to get it all back together tomorrow morning.

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    I too have Proline shafts and they run smoother than a baby's bottom. I added one spacer as I have a modest lift on my Series 3. The spacer made sure the splines were properly overlapped. My yoke splines wore out after my run to Greek Peaks last summer and it was due to insufficient yoke insertion onto the splines. Lesson learnt.

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