hi all, bought a new key for my car, i has to be reprogrammed and i found this on the net, can any one tell me if this will work

Initialisation Procedure
Ensure the vehicle is unlocked and the driver and front passenger doors are closed.

Install a key/remote handset in the ignition switch, then turn the ignition switch to position I and back to position
0 in less than 5 seconds to put the BCU into the initialisation mode. Continue the procedure within 30 seconds
of turning the ignition switch to position 0.

Remove the key/remote handset from the ignition switch.

Press and hold the unlock button for a maximum of 15 seconds. During this time, momentarily press the lock
button three times within 10 seconds.

Release both buttons.

Successful initialisation is indicated by the BCU locking then unlocking the vehicle. If this does not occur, repeat
step 4.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 with all other remote handsets belonging to the vehicle (4 maximum). Begin the
initialisation of each remote handset within 30 seconds of completing the previous initialisation, or the BCU will

drop out of the initialisation mode and the complete procedure will have to be started again.

thanks daveo
2003 rangerover v8