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Thread: How do I adjust idle on a 1998 RR

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    Default How do I adjust idle on a 1998 RR

    Its idling at 1600 or soo...

    How do I turn down the idle?

    Or is there something else I should do?


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    High idle usually means an air leak into the plenum or a stuck throttle. Did you take anything apart before it started idling faster? Check the plenum, attached hoses and the Idle Air Control Valve on the back of the plenum. Also check and lubricate the linkage and make sure that nothing is blocking the butterfly, the linkage or the pedal.
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    I agree with Wallace, I would also add that the IAC may be dirty and in need of cleaning as well as the butterfly in the Throttle body. Worse case the ECU needs a reset, this can normally be done by disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes, but worse case will need someone with Testbook (dealer computer) or Autologic (very high dollar LR repair computer).
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