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Thread: Rim and tire sizes for the P38A

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    Default Rim and tire sizes for the P38A

    Greetings all. I'm eyeing some local good deals on Craigslist for some nice Rangies. However what seems to be a common trend is the big rims. So probably whatever I buy will require stripping the 20+ inch rims off it. What is the smallest rim I can get onto these rigs? It would be nice if I could find a 15" or 16" black steelie that I could fit with some nice Toyo 30's. But I'm not entirely sure I know what will safely fit.

    Thoughts or opinions?

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    The P38 came from the factory with either 16 or 18 inch wheels. So I am sure someone out there would trade for some 20" wheels... and a 30" overall tires size should not be an issue.
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    I'd spend a few minutes reading over this (below), I'm buying tires now, although I'm keeping my stock 18's, I found the info I was looking for. Hope this helps
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    JChinch, thanks that is a great read! Much appreciated.

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    If I don't off road, what tire should I use?

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