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Thread: D90SW overheating.

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    Here is the direct link for Robison on Rovers PDF file (420k) "Preparing for Summer Driving"
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    Default Big thank you.

    To all who has replied to my posting. To update, the radiator is one o the main culprit according to the mechanic. To that we weren't able to order a new on as it turns out, radiators are on a worldwide back order. Hmm, something to do with the war in Irag????
    Anyway, we are having it recore and at the same time replacing items like the thermostat, oxygen sensors and etc.etc. Thanks again.

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    Default Fan Clutch Replacement is EASY!!!!

    On my 94 D90NAS I had the aforementioned problem where the head gasket had a small leak into the cooling system causing bubbling in the coolant then the contents of the system would puke out. Got that fixed. Still nearly overheated in traffic on hot days all the time.

    Ended up being the fan clutch which I hear is very common. Ordered a new one and installed it myself WITHOUT the lame and expensive spanner set made just for this pupropse.

    I snuck a 12 inch Crecent in behind the fan onto the fan clutch nut. Be careful not to bust the fan, as I hear they are fragile. I then stuck a leather work glove between the belt and the water pump pully and turned the wrench clockwise (the nut is reverse thread) until the glove stuck in there good enough to keep the belt from slipping on the pully. I then gave the crecent a light smack with a small sledge hammer and the nut spun right off. Put the new one on, and it runs cool as a cucumber now.

    I did it all in about an hour, and I have almost no mechanical skill (regular maint is about the best I can usually do).

    I hear this is a common issue, so even though the part was over a hundred bucks, I saved on the labor. Also, solving the overheat will prevent more head gasket damage and/or a slipped cylinder sleeve in the future. Overheating at idle=Fan Clutch very likely.

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    A quick tip: fan clutches do not not like deep water crossing as the extra work of pushing water can burn out the clutch. Of course even if you never get wetter than a heavy dew you can still have fan clutch troubles.


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