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Thread: What did you do to your Rover today?

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    Oct 2006
    Vinalhaven, ME


    I ordered a new rear door for my II-A from Rovers North. I'm now trying to unscrew the rear window "frames", which seem quite rusted in place. I did manage to get the door latch mechanism off the door.

    It should be painted by next week. It is way past time for me to keep running the canvas top. Brr.....

    Jeff Aronson
    Vinalhaven, ME 04863
    '66 Series II-A SW 88"
    '66 Series II-A HT 88"
    '80 Triumph TR-7 Spider
    '80 Triumph Spitfire
    '66 Corvair Monza Coupe

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    Feb 2009
    San Diego, CA


    Took the 40 mile trip up to Camp Pendleton today. Tomorrow will be an oil change and general tinkering.
    2005 LR3
    1965 RHD Series IIA currently aka "The hope crusher"

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    Mar 2009
    Ocean County NJ


    Very exciting day with the sIII. Embarked on my first semi long distance trip, to Hamburg, PA. About a 260 mile round trip without any issues. Cruised in the right lane without an OD, averaging between 50-55mph, and even hitting 60-63mph a few times.

    Happy drive back home from Cabela's with a Remington 870 Wingmaster wasn't bad either!

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    Anchorage, Alaska

    Default Cold weather is good for something

    This happened last weekend, before it got warm here (it's above freezing today, which feels quite unusual). The temperature was around -25C (about -10F). Took the Rover for a quick run to the store, got out, and my son remarked about all the "dripping" coming from the engine. Quick check showed antifreeze leaking rapidly from the bottom hose (I had moved the hose clamp and retightened it earlier due to antifreeze dripping when I had the radiator hose heater plugged in). The clamp wasn't working, obviously.

    Quick look into the radiator showed no fluid, so I went to the nearby store for a quick antifreeze refill. Poured a new jug of antifreeze into the radiator, then got back in the Rover to hustle on home (about 8 miles away). We drove as steadily as we could, through traffic, keeping an eye on the engine temp. About halfway back, it started to get warm. But it never got too hot, and we made it back. I figure I was out of antifreeze but the outside temp kept the engine cool enough.

    I never thought I'd say that -25C would be good for the Rover. Replaced the hose and clamp the next morning (in an unheated garage). Other than that, my drives are mostly uneventful. It's a dependable rig.
    77 88" SIII County SW
    82 Jp CJ8

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    Dec 2006
    Cypress ,Tx


    Started cutting out the right hand footwell.... dang there are a lot of spot wells to cut out....
    Too many projects, not enough time and/or $$
    1966 S2a 88, 1973 Vette

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    Aug 2009


    Finished putting in the rear main seal, thanks to help from here

    During the move the clutch alignment tool was misplaced so I have to dig through the donor rig tomorrow and hopefully drop the motor back in and start getting her buttoned back up.

    I cannot wait to be back on the road in a Series truck! The DII is nice, just doesn't have the same character.
    1964 SIIA 109 | 1973 SIII 88 | 1995 RRC | 2000 DII | 2000 P38

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    I plan on topping up all of the 90wt oils on my 109, since I haven't checked them in weeks.

    I will also measure the battery cables on the Disco for replacement this week. Interestingly, the Disco rarely starts unless I turn on the headlights. It cranks like it has a low battery or doesn't crank at all until I turn on the headlights and then it starts right up. I have already cleaned all of the grounds and added an additional ground wire between the engine and chassis. Hmmmm...

    '96 Disco SE7
    '80 SIII 109
    '75 SIII 88 V8
    '68 SIIA 109 V8

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    Jan 2007


    Continued disassembling my SIII for a new galvanized frame. Took both drive shafts off. Started unbolting the steering assembly and many other bits and pieces. Heated and hammered the set screws out of the drums of the Salisbury rear end and pulled the drums etc to start prepping it.


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    Just driving to and from work and going downtown to buy odds and sods for the house. Nothing exciting happening. Last week had -20c mornings so had it plugged in for a couple hours each morning on the block heater. I tried the 5w50 for winter and I am happy with the results. Pressure comes up very fast when starting up cold and viscosity must remain when the engine is warm. The pressure doesn't start to drop during a warm idle like regular winter weight oils.

    Next up when its warm, new door latches, relocate the spare tire, and hardwire a 120v inverter. I'm already looking forward to camping this summer.

    Oh yea, I have two US style gerry cans to mount.

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    Sterling, VA


    I added my custom radiator muff (cardboard box) and I replaced my turn signal / headlight hi-low stalk today (now my headlights work). I started on a lower dash heater plenum rehabilitation.... but that will take the rest of the week to sort out.

    (thinking about the 'romp)
    1980 Stage One
    (Past owner of 1973 Series III - Highlander)

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