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Thread: Show us your 90, 110, & 130

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    Nov 2006


    The blue monster most of you have seen a few yesrs ago when I was working for LRM (i usually snuk a pic in at one point!)

    Here you go: 1995 D110 3-door regular
    ex- UK power company truck, so the frame is heavier than the military 110 frame. 130 concentric rear springs (1-ton suspension) front and rear anti-roll bars, 4-wheel disc brakes, 300 Tdi and R380 w/high ratio transfer box.

    poorly restored and converted to LHD before I purchased it.

    Adders since I got a hold of it: Pretty much everything at this point. From drive flanges to steering boxes to tramsmission to hot water shower and everything in between. Even the tent has been replaced now...

    (older pictures)
    Owner: James Leach Global Expedition Services.

    1995 110 Regular

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    My 300tdi 90 named "James May"

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    Here is Lizzy a recent import from the UK

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    Seattle, WA


    Big tank and little tank (just a few mods)

    1975 Series III 88" - SOLD
    1990 RRC SWB
    1994 D90 ST
    2001 Porsche Boxster S

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    Surely there are more of us on this forum than this??

    I think a Defender is a natural progression from the Series. Here are a couple more of my NAS.
    1960 88" SII Pliny the Elder
    1997 D-90
    "Fear profits man, nothing"

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    This is my 110, when I got it, back in 2001, and now. I rebuilt it as it originally was, but got tired of looking at a dirty white truck, so, on it's 2nd rebuild, turned it into what I really wanted all along.

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    Default My 130

    From a recent trip to the desert and climbing trip.
    1988 3.5 V8 with Edelbrock manifold and carburetor.

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    Default 1983 Defender 110

    Purchased in December
    1968 Series IIa 88 w/ hardtop - SOLD
    1970 Series IIa 88 (parts car)
    M416 Trailer
    2008 Toyota FJ
    2009 Volvo C30
    1983 D110

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    My wife bought me this for my christmas as a runabout. Its nice and the fuel economy is good for a Rover but it just isn't the same as my SIIA 109 or my 101.

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    Default My 110

    He's a shot of my '83 110.

    200tdi, 35" BFGs on Wolfs, 5" lift, Qt radius arms, RT rear links, ARBs front and rear, HD shafts/CVs, Equipe front bumper, steering skid plate, and gas tank skid plate, Wolf Fab rock sliders with tree bars, Rovertracks HD tie rod and drag link, Wof Fab rear corner protectors, NAS 110 exo cage, rhinolined interior, new style galvy doors all around, and much, much more!

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