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    Default Blend motors

    My right hand blend motor as gone bad. These thing are now $500 for some reason.

    Question: I read somewhere that a servo from the fresh air duct may work to replace a single blend motor. What do you think?

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    Default Blend/Servo Motor

    I've been unsuccessful with this option you describe. I too have the same issue. Went to and followed the advice for tear-down only to discover that the wiring was different. I too need to find a permanent solution.

    I troll eBay looking for units. Every now and then you will find a set that was dismantled to sell individually. Good luck.

    Whilst at the dealer one day... I asked for an estimate. ~$550.00 for part with 12 hours labour. YIKES! 12 hours? They explain that the entire dash and center console needs to be removed.

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    I have a customer that purchased a set of blend motors from the Uk for about $300 and I charged him 5 hrs to install them. You don't need to remove the whole dash

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