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Thread: A good hybrid swap- Where to go from here

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    Default A good hybrid swap- Where to go from here

    You know you had a good day when you can swap 4 cases of beer for a LWB chassis, axles, tranny and TCase...

    I picked up a 66 series 11a 5 door station wagon all apart waiting for a new chassis.

    So the journey begins...

    Anyone want to share their experience with a RRC LWB chassis and series body hybrid build?

    I am trying to use the LWB bulkhead- I know it is a little wider so maybe it is not a good idea..
    I know I will need to add some body outriggers and modify the front end to fit might go the defender front end route but I would love to use the series front end and as much of the series vehicle as possible.

    Any words of wisdom, web resources, examples,etc are welcome...

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    beer is just freak'n great. there's nothing that can't be done with it. i've heard of a rrc under a series. with a welder and beers anything is possible. but if your using the rrc frame use the drive train too. trade the series drive train for beer
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    Cool the beer and I'll be there for you.

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    Default Beer and projects

    That beer could be put on ice at a moments notice......
    Beer and wrenching on rovers is always a good time....lord knows I have alot of practice

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