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Thread: Restoration store started in Arabian desert for LR S2a

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    Quote Originally Posted by dabawei View Post
    BY THE WAY(Yorker) yes, labour in Dubai is offerdable

    حراج or تشليح

    ARAMCO had vast boneyards filled with old Land Rovers, Dodge Power Wagons etc. A lot of stuff got abandoned/ stored but never scrapped- for years...

    See if you can find them- if they still exist they are a gold mine of parts, I don't know exactly where they were, if they were in Dubai or Saudi Arabia or where there. the info there might help you find out more on your 88"
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    1965 SIIa 88",1975 Ex-MOD 109/Ambulance, 1989 RRC, blah, blah, blah...

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    this motor was my incentive to join this forum

    i too own an 88" ex military landrover, mine is a little younger though being a 1970/71 model from New Zealand (a Skippy)

    i'll be watching this thread with interest

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    Default Progress is progressing :p

    Hi all,

    Here to share the progress of my project rebuild; the work last few weeks was one remove all parts on the truck and restore the chassis therefore it will good foundation to start with as all is doing, here below is three photo of progress on chassis:

    Chassis before:
    Chassis during:
    Chassis after:

    In the same time body works started and waiting for primer and paint work, there was some wholes discovered while removing the paint, where I believed it used for antenna:

    Carrier striped off:
    Right wing where bridge plate mark still there :
    Left wing & antenna whole after it is weld:
    Firewall before:
    Firewall during:
    Firewall progress is going on

    I know some are asking about the engine so...the original engine found totally costly replacing it's parts such as crank and camshaft; therefore, my uncle offered me another engine, when I checked it I found it belong to S3 8:1

    Old engine:
    New enginez: (you can imagine enviroment where I am living)

    The engine in progress for rebuild, it's found piston head require replacement and today in milling shop to check if milling is require.

    You may see another image on my flicker account. I tried to attach the picture but it doesn't works


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    Great work, Ahmad! That chassis looks new!


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    Looks good!

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    Uncles are great. Uncles who also have Land Rover parts are even better.

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    Great job on the restoration. Love the color, and the shot on the beach with the kayaks.

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