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Thread: Best Rim For Michelin XZL 7.50 x 16

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    Default Best Rim For Michelin XZL 7.50 x 16

    Recently I got a used set of XZL's and am sorting through my rims. I have gone through numerous posts here on the forum about tires and rims and am still not certain which rim to use so I thought I would throw up the bat signal. I suspect the question has been asked before (beaten to death) but I throw myself on the mercy of the forum and ask for clemency.

    I have a '75 Series III 88" and in my inventory I have the following rims with the following markings:

    NPC 7578 x 2
    231601 x 4 (1" offset probably not a good choice)
    FV738903 x 2
    550Fx16x33 x 4

    Wondering if anyone had any experience with the XZL's on any of these rims and advice?

    Someone had a link to a chart with the offsets for each but the link no longer works. If anyone has that and wouldn't mind sharing that would be helpful.

    In advance I thank for you for your assistance!

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    Default Zxl

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	unnamed1.jpg 
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ID:	13055Click image for larger version. 

Name:	unnamed2.jpg 
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Name:	unnamed3.jpg 
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Name:	unnamed4.jpg 
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Name:	unnamed5.jpg 
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    This first 2 picture are standard Land Rover rims with a very heavy duty M-tire in the same size your tire

    The next 3 pictures are XZL tire on a Land Rover Rim, with a deeper of set.

    The XZL wear real fast. Only run them for off trips

    I would buy more of the large off set rims, for off tires, as it give the rover a wider profile.

    josh t
    1967 Land Rover 109
    1966 Land Rover 109

    Joshua Tyler

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