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Thread: Backfire and stalling

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    Default Backfire and stalling

    Iíve recently starting having a backfire when letting off the gas, mainly in third gear and when I come to a stop it wants to stall. It will idle fine but if you rev the engine and let it return to idle it stalls out. Any ideas where to start? Timing, carb, exhaust?
    1969 series 2a
    2.25 gas
    Electronic ignition

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    Check Idle RPM's, is setting screw set to low?
    Timing, is Ignition timing correct?
    Look at filters, are they clear? Does carb have a filter?
    Plugs, are plug gap correct?
    Could be a myriad of items, choose one and follow through.

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    Possibly a slight air leak, carb. to manifold or manifold to head.

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    vacume advance? often though it's vacume leaks.

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