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Thread: Brake line shield installation on 66 FFR 88

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    Default Brake line shield installation on 66 FFR 88

    DPO -
    The nice news,
    Dreaded prior owner installed a new galvy chassis, springs & shocks.
    Not so nice news.
    When they installed the springs and shocks and straps they did not include the brake line shields, but rather tie wrapped the brake line to the U bolts that attach the springs to the axle. Fugly to say the least ,and yes, when a brake line rattles against metal, it wears through.

    I have procured shiny new shields and now need to install them between the axle and the springs. Do I have to drop the entire rear end to do this or is there a smarter way - like can I unbolt the u-bolts and slide the shields into place? What needs to jacked up and supported.

    If I have to pull the rear end, where would one place the jack stands on the frame?

    Many thanks.

    Roger B
    Cape Cod

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    I suppose you could undo u bolts , leaving axle on the ground, raise frame enough to insert plates. Be prudent and safe to use appropriate floor jacks, I would position floor jacks square on a solid contact point on the rear cross member, and in front of axle as well. Beg and borrow some quality floor jacks from your mates, as they are the best way to manipulate the frame up and down, and obviously refrain from being entirely under a lifted vehicle. Safety first. When I installed parabolic springs on my 88, having another helper was needed. Cheers

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