View Full Version : 95 NAS D90 Heater Question & Repair Manual Frustration

Mayor of Mooseport
01-28-2009, 04:48 PM
After 3" of snow last night I was ready to drive around today in my D90 however after letting the truck run for 15 minutes, the cabin refused to get warm. I had a force of air coming out of the vents equal to "low" on the heater setting. I could hear the blower unit running but I was not getting anything stronger than a low push.

Like most people, I have a series of repair-related questions since I can't seem to find a worth-while manual to repair it myself:

1. My fan selector switch (right side) is a real PITA to get into "Hi" and only has the low and hi settings. Is this all that was available or is my switch broken? If it is broken, do I have to drop out the whole gauge array to replace it? I see RN sells everything I would likely need, I just wonder if I change out the switch assembly if it will solve my problem.
2. There is one wire attached (tightly) to the top of the heater unit in the engine bay. Is this the fan selector wire or the heat/direction wire (left-side switch)?
3. Finally, can anyone recommend a good manual for servicing? I have nearly all the tools needed to do everything but the heavy duty/complicated stuff but I am one of those people that would prefer to see a manual then go tear it apart (rather than tear it apart and then have it hauled over to the LR dealer for completion).

Yes, I know, wear more layers. I would but my injured left knee can't take the cold so I, unfortunately am getting old, need to have the heat functioning on the cold, damp days.

95 D90 #2844

01-31-2009, 11:24 AM
I can't get my 95 NAS D90 heater to shut off. Even with the fan selector all the way down the fan still runs, so let me know what you find. Sorry I couldn't help.

R Green
02-01-2009, 12:36 PM
Marty, I might be able to help, I've got 2 110's, and had a '93 110 V8 for awhile, so here it is: (1) I had trouble with my fan speed switch, so I replaced the cable and cable housing (got from a bike shop) and it solved the prob., but I had to take the dash pod off and remove the switches. (2) Uh, I can't remember, but I think it's the fan speed selector cable, have someone watch the heater box cables as you move the levers. And (3) I use a couple of Haynes manuals, one for the Defender, and one for the Range Rover to cover the V8 engine. Check out amazon. Also, you can buy shop repair manuals on CD. Check out ebay.co.uk (England's ebay), there's everything you can imagine on this site, and some companies ship/mail to the US fairly cheaply (although RN is my first choice as well). Hope this helps.
ps: oh yeah, as for getting your 90 to heat up quickly, Defenders are notorious for not having very good cabin heaters, so it may just be the way it is...

02-01-2009, 07:41 PM
Hi Marty,
Did you ensure that the snow has not blocked proper airflow into the fresh air intake on the top of the passenger-side wing? This happens sometimes and is usually fairly easy to clear. If you have an abundance of snow or ice inside the plastic intake box, you can probably clear it by pouring some warm water into the vent. Do this with the car off to prevent water from being sucked through the fan. There is a drain hole at the bottom of the box and is usually fitted with a one-way valve, allowing water to escape but preventing engine compartment air from entering. You may just find a hole as some folks remove these valves because they have a propensity to clog with leaves, dirt, etc.

Hope that helps.