View Full Version : a possible head bolts boo boo?

07-28-2009, 06:49 PM
I have a quick question about the head bolts..

So, the other day, (about 5 days ago) I put on the drivers side head and tightened in the correct order to 15lb for the first round and then 90 degrees thereafter. I thought that was it.

Now the instructions that came with the gasket are in German and broken English, but what I gathered is I’m supposed to go another 90 degrees, right?

Question #1: is that right? Should I have gone a total of 180 degrees (two steps of 90)?

Question #2: If so, can I tighten the bolts I have in there now another 90 degrees? I mean I had to put everything I had into getting them from 15foot/lbs to 90 degrease. They were new bolts but I am afraid they would break.

Please….any help on this one would be grateful!


Le Shed
08-01-2009, 06:09 AM
The RAVE manual gives as follows:
All to 15ft/lbs
90 degrees
90 degrees
I am assuming you lightly oiled the bolts before fitting them. This helps you get the full 2 x 90 degree turns. You will have to use an extention bar. I use a 24" 1/2" breaker bar and always use a 6 pint socket. The rear bolts nearest the bulkhead can be a tight fit but there a few ways of getting in there. Some push the bulkhead in to get clearance.
Good luck
Bill B