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    Hey everyone. Maybe you all can help. I have a 62 Series 2a with a three spoke steering wheel. I want to change the steering wheel to a banjo steering wheel I have but my steering column is not compatible. Thereís a guy on eBay that sells an adapter for the banjo steering wheel but itís $600. I think itís safer just to change the whole column.
    My question is, can you guys help me with the parts needed to change my steering column so it accepts the banjo steering wheel? If you have any of the parts required for sale Iíll buy them off of you. Are there any tips in changing the column? Iím not new to Land Rovers and their quirks. I have a 95 Range Rover Classic and a 94 110.


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    ill buy your 3spoke off you. PM me you number and we can text

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    So the steering wheels are compatible only with their 'matching' steering box; they cannot be interchanged w/o changing the steering box at the same time. Yours has evidently been changed already. Everything is dimensionally different from 1 box to the other.

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    now i have to go look at my recent acquisition and see what i have for a steering wheel!!

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    series II, series IIA, series III steering boxes are interchangeable, but not LHD to RHD. The only difference between the years are the columns. It's quite easy to covert, there are corroded or worn out banjo boxes with columns which you can get cheap. You just take the column and shaft off the series II box and fit it with new ball bearings etc. It takes about an hour. Then you can sell your old IIA column and shaft for 100 bucks. Here are some photos below showing that you have to change the outer column as well as the shaft .

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