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    Default Another new member 1973 Series III

    Against better judgement I bought a series 3 sight unseen.... yup, it's a turd. BUT the good news is that I play with vehicles for fun and enjoy the journey almost more than the end product.

    My 73 known affectionately as the "Turd" has the predictable rot one would expect in a 1973 series.... but not on the frame. How so you ask? Because it has a homemade frame!! YIKES!! Didn't see that one coming. Now the frame is solid and made from heavy open "C" channel steel 1/4" thick. I hope to run this over a scale soon to see how much it weighs. Not on the road yet, so that will have to wait.

    It is a 2.25 petrol with all the normal leaks. Mechanically it appears to be in remarkable "nick" (I'm starting to think British!).

    I will share some more photos as I progress.
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    Wow! It seems we are both in the same predicament, good luck to you!

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