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Thread: Series 3 diesel sedimenter drain plug

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    Default Series 3 diesel sedimenter drain plug

    I went to check to see if I had any water in the fuel sedimenter but could not loosen the drain plug. So I have a "stupid question": does the plug unscrew clockwise? It is really difficult to get my hands under the filter and then to turn the plug; even tried pliers but no success, so what is the secret to loosening ( and then re-tightening) the plug? Thanks for any advice.

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    Its a normal right hand thread so counter clockwise to unscrew. If its the standard CAV sedimenter its possible its a plastic plug which can easily break . There is a Metal replacement ,CAV Lucas Delphi 7111-466A Drain Plug . The sedimenter is usually mounted on the chassis rail and the filter on the bulkhead , the drain plug I believe is the same part number. Its quite a course thread , might even be a 1/4" Whitworth if I remember correctly.. It may be worth slightly pushing the plug in as you turn it to free the threads. It might be better to post this thread on the Technical part of the forum rather than " Land Rovers for Sale" , to get more exposure
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    Thank you roverp480. Interesting. I cannot find the sedimenter.....I'll crawl under and have another look. Service book says it's attached to the right side of the frame. the previous owner replaced the frame....wonder if he left the sedimenter off when he reassembled everything......or mounted it somewhere else. I will follow the fuel lines.
    And I was trying to open the plug at the bottom of the filter mounted on the bulkhead. Still haven't been able to open it. This is my first Series Rover so I am learning as I go. And I am clumsy navigating my way around the forum....I thought I was posting on the Series technical section. My mistake.... I don't know how to move this conversation to the tech section so hope you see this reply. Thanks

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