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Thread: Oil pressure gauge and sender

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    Yes, the oil pressure switch should be where the bolt is located. The low oil pressure light is powered a white unfused ignition on power wire and from the light a white with yellow tracer or white with brown tracer wire goes to the switch.

    I think on your truck the fusebox is under the bonnet. There should be a green wire from the fusebox running to the instrument voltage stabilizer, typically located on the rear of the speedometer. There are two male spade connectors on the stabilizer, and the green wire from the fusebox connects to one of these spades. It is likely the green wire for the oil pressure gauge was originally connected to the other male spade on the stabilizer. The two female spade connectors on ths stabilizer are the outputs and supply the nominal 10v to the temp and fuel gauges. Note that some aftermarket stabilizers have a male and female spade on each connection point, but the originals have male spades on the input and female spades on the output. The stabilizer looks like this:

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    Here's my experience with this switch. My built in '69 S2a 88 has only one oil sender, no banjo. The oil sender which looks like 555704 or 537138 (depending on the website). My USA supplement lists the part as 537138. Unfortunately my diagram shows the banjo and fittings but not the other oil sender. When I noticed my gauge was reading 100PSI I inspected the oil sender and found a green/brown wire connected to one male connector and a female spade (wire broken at the female spade) connector to the other. I could see the wire that broke was black and I found a black wire from the harness in that area that was dangling with no connector so I assumed this was it. I crimped on a new female spade, plugged it in and the gauge is working again.

    From a video I learned that the green light should come on when ignition is turned to "on" and it should turn off when when the engine is started and oil pressure is present but mine does not do this. Interestingly, I do see it sometime flicker when my dash lights are on but since I don't have the second oil sender switch, I have no idea how it would work at all.

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